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Artemis New Media
Artemis New Media it’s an innovative firm specialized in the production of content, sites, and social media management availing Social Media Manager.
Artemis created a competent production department, able to interact with big realities on the italian territory and in foreign markets, offering and ensuring a service able to satisfy every client necessity.
The first national social blog
An innovative platform: The bloggest aggregate all the blogger who whats the possibility to spread their ideas with a personal editorial, having the certainty to reach an unlimited crowd.

Artemis Group at a glance


Trust Artemis

What do you do to communicate for real? Defining the brand identity isn’t easy. Through the experience, Artemis is able to offer functional and effective planning for the socials.

Brand Awerness

You don’t know what it is? It’s the visibility that your brand has inside the virtual market and inside the social networks. Consolidating means increasing the notoriety of your products and services, adding more clients and revenue.

Social Media Marketing

In order to increase the awareness of the brand, it’s necessary to dedicate time and money to the utilization of the social platforms, planning a targeted strategy. It becomes crucial creating content and media, here comes the Social Media Manager.


Artemis takes care of creating a detailed analysis of the brand, in order to understand which is the perfect audience for your brand.

An idea, a team

Artemis is the optimization of a not marginal activity, who requires a whole team (see back) able to take care of any aspects remaining at your service.

Brand reputation

It’s fundamental the awareness that people have about our activity, in order to create a solid brand reputation it’s necessary to take care of all the precedent aspects, through a daily accurate work who can take up to months. Why is it important? Potential clients look up online before purchase.

Website & Seo

Creating the asset for the company becomes necessary. A web site is able to communicate reliability and professionalism, the messages are clear and immediate. The web site is the gate through excellence and allows maximum interaction with the audience. SEO-Consulting is going to create optimal results.