International marketing

ARTEMIS is an Italian company, leader in Communication and Marketing, based in Imperia, Italy, with a staff of 20 people and  highly professional video-makers.
ARTEMIS has created the first national social blog. Through a network of bloggers, videobloggers and influencers, belonging to the widest categories of interest, is able to reach every market sector in Italy, through the management of Socials, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, and the creation of dynamic video.

Its activity develops through different phases:

Analysis of the product.
Market survey dedicated to finding the best strategy and choosing the most appropriate communication channel.
Process and lay-out of the contents, regarding the company and/or the product. Research of the sector and geographical area of ​​interest, in order to create targeted messages using the most suitable tools and means, e.g. video recordings and interviews related to the subject, carried out by our interviewers, very professional hostess who talk and describe the product.
Creation of tutorials and / or campaigns through Google adwords and / or Facebook with the launch of videos with different topics and formats, every month, depending on the terms of the contract.
See an example in the following link:
In case of a B2B relationship, the service includes the activity of telemarketing carried out by our operators, very expert, who, after having received adequate instructions relating to your company and products will search for potential dealers. Our staff will contact them, aiming to awaken their interest and obtaining their consent for a direct contact from your company.
ARTEMIS knows very well the Italian market and sponsors the product in a targeted manner, according to the geographical areas and sector of interest.
TARGET: nowadays the visibility of a company through the Media is identified with the credibility and seriousness of the company itself, that, through the communication on Social network, opens a window to the community and potential customers.


The customer sends to ARTEMIS some videos about the product or service he wants to present, specifying the sector, design, quality and other specific aspects of the finished product, accompanied by an English text that will be translated into Italian by ARTEMIS.
Movies can be amateur-type, produced by your internal staff.
Our highly experienced video-makers personnel will do the editing, elaborating the pieces of your material and assembling it in a professional way, in addition one of our interviewers will speak on the video with your message.
For the telemarketing activity, one of our managers will interview one of your marketing managers so that he will understand how to instruct our telemarketing staff.
At the end of the telemarketing you will receive the list of names we called, with phone number and email, who have expressed interest and consent to be contacted by you.


Through ARTEMIS’ activity, we break with the traditional way of communicating, that takes place through Exhibition and Fairs, Representatives or Brokers with fixed costs, not always with productive results and in any case very expensive.
ARTEMIS through its communication systems spreads the message in a targeted way, within real and proper advertising campaigns and promotion, finalized to:
– in the case of products aimed to the final consumer, the user will be invited to contact your site for direct purchases.
– in the case of companies looking for dealers/distribution companies in Italy, ARTEMIS will try to create interest in wholesalers and importers who may want to get a B2B contact.
The combination of professional phone contacts and the visibility through our videos provides your company with a greater chance to enter into the Italian market.
International Business Development Dept.