Cyber Security

In the last decade, with the growth of online activities in all aspects of life (public and private, in commercial activities, in health care departments , in public and governmental bodies, at national and global level), there is a growing need to defend oneself from hostile and fraudulent activities, carried out via the web site, Internet and mobile phones.
The latest CLUSIT 2019 report, the Italian Association for IT Security, states that 2018 was the worst year ever in terms of the evolution of cyber threats and their relative impact. Over the past two years the rate of growth in the number of attacks has increased exponentially compared to the past with consequent increase in damage.
Some of the main computer crimes include, among others, phishing, that is the theft and manipulation of data or services through hacking or viruses, identity theft, bank fraud or e-commerce, extortion , blackmail, manipulation of financial markets, espionage, terrorist activities and viruses identified as crypto-lockers, which consist of encrypting the victim’s data, rendering them unusable.
The consequences of such attacks can be extremely serious and cause serious damage to companies, such as:
  • Fraudulent transfer of critical and confidential information
  • Interruption of work processes
  • Significant damage to the company’s image
  • Damage to national and / or Defense infrastructures.

Artemis response

With a deep knowledge of security threats and a proven long-term experience of our Israeli partners in the field of IT security, ARTEMIS offers services aimed at helping companies build complete cyber security solutions that protect applications, data and web processes.
Our task is to help companies identify, block and remove the threats coming from the cyber sector, as well as reviewing the approach to risk management and adopting strategies aimed at reducing risks.
ARTEMIS provides agile solutions for cyber superiority, cyber security and intelligence to fight even the most advanced attacks.
ARTEMIS collaborates with companies of Israeli origin specialized in digital surveys in the cyber sector, computers and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Thanks to its vast experience in the sector and the use of the most advanced technological tools in the world, the company offers its clients specialized consultancy and advanced investigation services.
The company’s services include: digital evidence gathering, information and data recovery, identification of criminal activities and presentation of expert opinions in the cyber sector and appearances as expert witnesses in court, review of information security and threat assessment.
Computer and cellular surveys provide professional solutions in cases involving activities such as employee theft, fraud, industrial espionage, intellectual property infringement. These services also help identify leaks of confidential information and issues related to libel, slander and many other issues that can be damaging.
The execution of adequate and complete computer and cellular surveys requires attention, experience, a rich background and the ability to keep up with a sector that is constantly evolving and constantly being updated. Our Israeli partners concentrate their resources in this sector using innovative technologies and equipment to obtain digital proofs strictly observing the rule of law.